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Artist Statement

I’ve loved ceramic arts since being introduced to it in high-school. That was back in 1971. In 1974 I received the “Santa Monica High School Ceramic Achievement Award”. After I graduated, life had a way of taking me far from my pottery. After forty years I am now a full-time potter!

The spiritual aspect of creating something from a lump of clay is profoundly calming. I’m not sure if my life is centered because I center the clay or if the clay is centered because my life is centered. Either way, the spinning of the wheel, the feel of the clay, the creative results, all make my life complete, serene, calm.

I also have trained horses in my life. Working with a large animal is a very spiritual experience as well. The rider must be calm and sure to become the horse’s leader. Your hands must be steady, strong, yet soft enough to feel your horse. You must breath through the movements. The rider creates a balanced horse by being centered.

When I sit down at the wheel to center my clay, I think of my horse, Jake, and how similar the art of throwing and the art of riding a 1250-pound horse can truly be.

I love clay and I love my horse. My life is good…

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